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The following files represent the rate of surface-elevation change (dh/dt) on a 10 km grid for February 2003 and October 2009 for;
1) REGINA_altimetry_dh_dt_ICESat_Envisat_combined_no_SMB_corrected_022003-102009_10K
ICESat and Envisat combined
2) REGINA_altimetry_dh_dt_ICESat_Envisat_combined_SMB_corrected_022003-102009_10K
ICESat and Envisat combined + corrected for SMB variations and firncompaction (File 3)
3) REGINA_altimetry_dh_dt_SMB_correction_022003-102009_10K
SMB variations and firncompaction

The format is:
Column 1 and 2: x and y projected coordinates in [km]
Column 3: Rate of surface-elevation change [m/yr]
Column 4 (only file 1 and 2): 1-sigma uncertainty estimate [m/yr]

All altimetry data are gridded in a polar-stereographic projection (central latitude 71°S; central longitude 0°W, and origin at the South Pole, WGS-84 reference ellipsoid), with a 10 km grid spacing where the grid point defines the centre of a square cell.

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