GPS data

Data download

The following files and archives are provided:

1) REGINA_GPS_ds_dt_uplift_rates_coordinates.txt

File 1)
The file REGINA_GPS_ds_dt_uplift_rates_coordinates.txt contains the current best estimates for the trends and associated error estimates for the sites listed, plus information on how the information was derived.

Columns are site name, rate method, estimated rate (mm/yr), error method, estimated error (mm/yr), approx latitude (dec. degrees), approx longitude (dec. degrees)

Methods are:
cats: estimated by the CATS noise analysis software
prop: median error from CATS sites propagated
rman: manual intervention in rate due to potential systematic errors
eman: manual intervention in error due to potential systematic errors

See example lines below:
aboa cats 0.59 cats 0.51 -73.0438 -13.4071
a351 prop -0.94 eman 1.78 -72.9081 74.9101
bean rman 2.05 eman 4.30 -75.9563 -69.3022
belg prop -1.43 prop 0.71 -77.8748 -34.6267

File 2)
The archive contains the following documents:
• Site names (regina_archive_summary.txt, regina_site_archive_snx.txt)
• Days of unprocessed RINEX format data available per site (filelists.tgz)
• Metadata for the sites in SINEX format (sinex.tgz)
• kml format mapping files with approximate coordinates of the sites (kml.tgz)

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