GIA estimate

Data download

The following files represent prelimary versions of the REGINA GIA estimates for the end-members of the employed Earth structures.

1) GIA_estimate.101.dl.2.v00.geoid_coeff.kff
Weak Earth structure: Lithosphere thickness of 30 km, Astenosphere viscosity 10^18 Pa s, ductile layer in crustal lithosphere

2) GIA_estimate.131.dl.1.v00.geoid_coeff.kff
Strong Earth structure: Lithosphere thickness of 200 km, Astenosphere viscosity 5^20 Pa s.

The files are spherical-harmonic expansion coefficients of the rate of geoid-height change [mm/yr], up to degree (n) and order (m) 90 ogranized as follows:
column 1: degree, column 2: order, column 3: cos_nm and column 4: sin_nm.

Also provided is a plot for the GIA estimates.

Rate of radial-displacement fiels can be retrieved upon request (Ingo Sasgen, ).

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