Section 1.4 seminars

Room A17, 10.27 and time always 10:00 (if not mentioned otherwise).

Date Who Topic
14.01. WG: Earth-Atmosphere Interactions (TEAM) by Zhan Li via ZOOM Meeting-ID: 915 5849 7832; Kenncode: 281434 "Towards Analysis Ready Data of Very-High-Resolution Images from Cube Satellites: issues and opportunities for integration with time series of eddy-covariance measurements"
21.01. Friederike Klos ZOOM Meeting Meeting-ID: 988 5816 0991, Kenncode: 498157 HyPhy
28.01. WG: Big Data Analytics "Black Box Geoinformatics -- Recent research activities of the big data analytics group."
11.02. WG: Technology transfer in remote sensing; Zoom ; Meeting ID 968 4677 5537; Kenncode: 756009 Overview about activities and progress of FERN.Lab
18.02. WG: Integration of in-situ and remote sensing data (TERENO); Carsten Neumann; ; Meeting-ID: 919 0299 3091; Kenncode: 120190 "From Cycles to Trends - On the Use of Remote Sensing for Cross-Scale Analyses of Natural Ecosystem Dynamics"
04.03. Friederike Koerting PhD defense
11.03. WG: EO mission development and data processing Daniel Scheffler Spectral harmonization and red edge prediction of Landsat-8 to Sentinel-2 using land cover optimized multivariate regressors
18.03. Doris Dransch section information
25.03. WG: Integration of in-situ and remote sensing data (TERENO) Mehdi Saberioon HYPERNETS: An autonomous network of hyperspectral radiometers for validating of optical satellites missions
15.04. WG: Radar and optical remote sensing for geohazards Tianqi Xiao & Shagun Garg Exploring the potential of sentinel-1 interferometric coherence and polarimetry for flood classification in arid regions
29.04. WG: Earth-Atmosphere Interactions (TEAM); Inge Wiekenkamp "Airborne Eddy Covariance"
20.05. WG: EO mission development and data processing Shanyu Zhou A knowledge-based, validated approach for detection of methyl- and aromatic plastics by WorldView-3 satellite data
03.06. WG: Technology transfer in remote sensing
10.06. Doris Dransch section information
02.09. Doris Dransch section information