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Welcome to our GAMMA forum
Information about registration, forum notifications, text formatting, etc.
3 3 Added by Julia Neelmeijer over 5 years ago
GAMMA Processing
Ask all explicitly GAMMA related questions here
4 25 Added by Charles Werner 24 days ago
Crop image
SAR Data Preprocessing
Everything related to preparation and preprocessing of SAR data
16 52 Added by Naeem Shahzad 13 days ago
Filtering in Map Coordinates
Sentinel-1 related questions
33 104 Added by Tapas Dey 6 months ago
RE: How to create TOPS_PAR file for a S1A Mosaicked SLC
TerraSAR-X / TanDEM-X
TSX / TDX related questions
8 23 Added by Charles Werner 29 days ago
backdrop regarding tx_list
ALOS-1 / ALOS-2 related questions
6 16 Added by Charles Werner over 1 year ago
How to read JERS-1 SAR Level 1 SLC (distributed by ESA) i...
ERS-1 / ERS-2 / ENVISAT related questions
2 3 Added by Jeff Leeburn over 2 years ago
Corrupted Time Stamp error in ASAR_IM_proc
CSK related questions
1 2 Added by Jacqueline Tema Salzer almost 6 years ago
RE: parsing CSK stripmaps
Interferogram Generation
All questions related to interferogram generation and refinement (e.g. filtering)
3 16 Added by Charles Werner 9 months ago
RE: How to generate single-look interferogram using S1_co...
Questions regarding unwrapping
2 5 Added by Charles Werner over 1 year ago
Unwrapping using selected reference point
Refinement of the results after unwrapping
6 14 Added by Tapas Dey 6 months ago
How to overlay time series deformation rate in google earth
Time series related questions
12 31 Added by Tapas Dey 9 months ago
Regression analysis with multi reference stack
Offset Tracking
Offset Tracking related questions
4 28 Added by alain an 9 months ago
RE: directional_angle
DEM generation
Questions regarding DEM generation from radar data
19 77 Added by Charles Werner 19 days ago
RE: How to get perpendicular baseline, incidence angle, r...
Data Import/Export
How to change data formats etc.
8 36 Added by Charles Werner 9 days ago
RE: Polygon description file from kml file
GAMMA Implementation Requests
Ask here for implementations you'd like to see
2 8 Added by Julia Neelmeijer about 2 years ago
RE: Prevent S1_coreg_TOPS failure when running on single ...
A collection of bugs in functions and errors in help files
7 16 Added by Charles Werner 6 months ago
Error during raster creation/ cannot view ras commands
Other Topics
Everything that needs to be discussed but does not fit in the sections above
2 5 Added by Charles Werner over 1 year ago
input requirements for Chiba example demo

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